Company Profile



Danmar Homes Pty Ltd was established in 1993, initially, catering for clients with difficult inner city development blocks. Danmar Developments was then incepted to focus on the demands of this niche market.

Today, Danmar Developments is WA’s most experienced builder of Multi Units, Grouped Dwellings, Low to Medium Rise Apartments and Multi Level Townhouses. We also offer a complete ‘Broadacre’ development service, from acquisition through to Civil Works, Design and Construct, Issue of Titles and Sales.

Let our extensive experience guide you through the detailed processes of creating your successful development.



We’re the experts in multi-level, multiple or group dwellings and apartments. Whether your project is residential only, or a blend of commercial, retail and residential we’re the people to talk to.

The team at Danmar Developments are here to help you explore and maximise your site’s potential to make the most of your investment. With extensive knowledge and experience in all facets of Class 2 Construction we will ensure that your project obtains full compliance and realises its maximum potential.

If you need assistance with initial concepts for your development, or if you already have concept plans, our experience will ensure that your development is fully compliant. We provide a complete design and construct service that provides great efficiency in the preliminary stages of your project.

Talk to us for an obligation free consultation. We’ll give you peace of mind right from the first stage of your development.



Early focus on complex issues such as fire ratings, acoustics and design compliance is vital in creating and sustaining momentum in your project.

Our inhouse specialists will take your project from concept to planning approval and through to build permit; all the time ensuring your project meets fire and acoustic ratings, hydrant tests, energy efficiency and planning and building guidelines.

Our expertise in these areas ensures that your project starts and keeps moving in the right direction from the very first day.

Your Investment in Mind


Whether you are an experienced developer or you are embarking on your first development, it’s important to establish a good relationship with your builder.

Design, budget and time are the key elements to a successful development. From drafting, through to construction drawings, estimating, scheduling and construction we manage your project all the way.

Our team understands that time is money, so we work hard to keep your development on track. At Danmar Developments, we embrace every project as if it’s our own… because it is.



No matter what market you are in or what your budget is our specification will provide you with the highest quality fixtures and fittings available to suit your
market presence.

It is sometimes the small detail that makes a big difference.



A quiet achiever in the Western Australian building industry, Danmar has been ranked amongst the top home builders both in Western Australia
and Nationally for many years.

Danmar is an independent, family owned and run company and is proud to be an active member of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and the Master Builders Association of WA (MBAWA).

Danmar has built a reputation or being an honest, efficient and professional builder in the development sector of WA construction. This is integral to the security we offer our clients.